Miscellaneous Notes on Garrett, Elizabeth, & Agatha Murphy; Albert Specht

1. James Garrett Murphy (b 3 Jan 1850) and wife Elizabeth A. Brown (b. 12 May 1859), married 12 Nov 1876, moved from Garden City, MN, to a 40-acre piece of land near Mule Lake, near Pontoria, MN, in about 1902. He was in poor health and the move was made in the desperate hope the active outdoor life would improve it. The was of little help; he passed away 3 Jan 1905 in Pontoria. Elizabeth abandoned the Mule Lake property; she was in Anoka, MN, in Dec. 1907 and in Garden City, March 1912. In about 1915 with the children all gone, she moved to 3330 Fillman St., NE, Minneapolis. In July 1933 she moved to the Linnea Home for the Aged, Como Ave., St. Paul, MN, where she passed away about 1940. She is buried in Hillside Cemetery, 2600 19th Ave. NE Minneapolis (Lot Number Sect 819B Grave #1).

2. Albert Victor Specht (b. 30 April 1872)
Agatha A. Murphy (b. 11 Mar 1881) (wife)

Albert attended a Business College in Minneapolis, MN, about 1893-5 and later went to Felton (Clay County) Minnesota [near Fargo, North Dakota], where it appears his parents purchased a farm for him. Instead of farming, he entered into business: potato dealer & general merchandise. [ Note from Theordore Specht: He had a large root cellar where he stored potatoes. Part of his store became a pool hall. ]

Agatha attended and graduated as a teacher from Mankato (MN) Normal School about 1902. She and Albert were married about 1905. They lived in Felton until June 1925, when she and the children moved to Minneapolis near the U. of Minnesota so son James could attend U. Of M. and all graduated as Electrical Engineers. James finally wound up as City Engineer, Orrville, Ohio. Theodore went to Westinghouse, Sharon, PA, as a design engineer. Elsie married Arthur Petersen, a heavy equipment operator for the Minneapolis Gas Co. and stayed in Minneapolis.

Agatha passed away 30 April 1937 and was buried in Hillside cemetery. (Sect Q Lot 183, N 81, Grave #1.) In about 1940 Albert sold out in Felton and moved to the Linnea Home for the Aged. In 1956*, age 84*, he passed away and was cremated and his ashes buried at Hillside with Agatha.
* Originally "1953, age 81", but corrected to 1956, age 84, based on newspaper article cited below.

Additional info from the Orrville Daily-Record article at the time of A.V.'s death, via Ronald Specht (Albert Victor's grandson):
[A.V.] moved to St. Paul in 1950 and later to the Linnea Home. He died December 1956 after a short illness. He was recovering from gall bladder surgery and died suddenly from a weakened heart.