Jerry Specht Family History -- Revised, June 2020

These webpages have documents and links pertaining to the ancestry of my father (Theodore R. Specht) and my mother (Dorothy Deissler Specht).

These documents are referenced in the family trees which I have entered in at . Those trees are the most complete and up-to-date. These are instructions: Using FamilySearch for searching Specht/Deissler ancestors.
But since FamilySearch requires the creation a (free) login, if you don't want to do that, you can go to This is my mother's rootsweb family tree . There's a problem with the display of my dad's rootweb tree, but you can see his father's (at Albert Victor Specht's tree ) and his mother's (at Amesta Agatha Murphy's tree ).

The Disappearance and Almost Certain Murder of Victor Deissler, Feb. 2, 1941, 10 pm - 11:30 pm . And Without any Trace (a complementary analysis, with additional facts and including a "fictional recreation of what could have transpired the night of February 2, 1941").
NEW, Jan 2, 2019: A 15-minute video of Jerry telling the Victor Deissler story. [Be sure to change to "Full screen" for best viewing] And a 23-minute audio of the conversation at 9342 following this video .

This website is organized like this:
* My father is Theodore Specht; my mother is Dorothy (Deissler) Specht. Information about myself and my family is under the Specht-Deissler link.
* Information about my mom is under the Deissler-Fisher link (since her parents were Victor Deissler and Helen Fisher).
* Information about my dad is under the Specht-Murphy link (since his parents were Albert Specht and Agatha Murphy).
* Etc.

Specht-Deissler (Jerry Specht, parents and siblings) Deissler-Fisher (Dorothy Deissler and parents)
Specht-Murphy (Theodore Specht and parents) Specht-Felthouse (Albert Victor Specht and his ancestors)
Murphy-Brown {Amesta Agatha Murphy (Mrs. Albert V. Specht) and her ancestors}

Original Materials:
Fisher-Sweeney (Helen Fisher Deissler and her Sweeney ancestors)
Other Links: Thanks to Gary Tharp, James R. Murphy, and the many others who gathered the information on the ancestry of J. Garrett Murphy which you see on All of J. Garrett's ancestry in my tree was copied from the Gary Tharp tree.