I maintained a family tree at for some years.  Since they are now making you pay $150/year, I switched to, a free subsidiary.


Connect to . You don't need to sign in in order to do searching (-- only to do updating).  Near the top you will see a bar with "Home Searches Family Trees ". Click on "Searches".

  A two-part search box will appear about three lines down. On the left side is "Search" and on the right, "Search".   You should type the name into RootsWeb, on the left.


Though the search box says "First name", you can enter a middle name as well.  For example, I can enter in


  First name:  Theodore Richard   Last name: Specht  .



The search results are organized by different databases.  The "WorldConnect" database will get you to the contributed family trees (the most useful part, I believe), including the Specht/Deissler family tree which I have contributed. Click on "WorldConnect".


The second one, with the exact birth date of 8 Jul 1918 and the spouse, Dorothy Elizabeth Deissler, is an entry from the tree which I contributed.


You can click on this second entry to see the details and then click on the "Pedigree" link to see his ancestry. 


Similarly, if you click on "Spouse:  Dorothy Deissler Specht", you can see her details and click on the "Pedigree" link to see her ancestry.


Other sites (besides you may want to use for genealogical research are:


If you have any information that you want to add to our family tree(s), email it to me and I will add it.