I maintained a family tree at for some years.  Since they are now making you pay $150/year, I switched, around 2010, to, a free subsidiary.


Connect to . You don't need to sign in in order to do searching (-- only to do updating).  Near the top you will see a bar with "Home", "Family Trees", etc.. Click on "Family Trees".

  A search box will appear. Type values into the name into the Surname and Given Name boxes, and click on "Search".


You can include a middle name in the "Given Name" box.  For example, I can enter in


  Surname:  Specht   Given Name: Theodore Richard  .



You will see the results for the WorldConnect Project. The third one, with the exact birth date of 8 Jul 1918 and the spouse, Dorothy Elizabeth Deissler, is an entry from the tree which I contributed ("specht3").


You can click on this entry to see the details and then click on the "Pedigree" link to see his ancestry. 


Similarly, if you click on "Spouse:  Dorothy Deissler Specht", you can see her details and click on the "Pedigree" link to see her ancestry.


Other sites (besides you may want to use for genealogical research are:


If you have any information that you want to add to our family tree(s), email it to me and I will add it.

Updated, 25-Aug-2018