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In general, the site is organized chronologically.   The bolded entries are of especial interest.  

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·         Timeline of Ex Libris history (1978-2005)

·         Judy Levi answers questions about early ALEPH history

·         Avner Navin: My part in the history of Ex Libris (1978-1999)

·         1980 Control Data (Israel) Application Report on ALEPH  (-- largely written by Judy Levi) (with photos)

·         Elhanan Adler’s Powerpoint (in English): "An introduction to information technology in libraries ... in Israel and the world", covering 1972-83;  the preceding in its original Hebrew

·         1980 Hebrew University ALEPH Guide (in Hebrew), courtesy of Joan Kolarik

·         Udi Arad’s History of Ex Libris, in three chapters  (1986-2002)

·         Jerry’s (audio) interview of Oren Beit-Arie     

·         Judy Levi’s 1989 article “Library Automation in the University Libraries of Israel

·         First contract (1991) between Aleph and Ex Libris  (in Hebrew)  (courtesy of Matti and Adiya R.) 

·         May1991 letter from Technical University of Budapest to Azriel Morag (courtesy of Yoel K.)

·         Weizmann Instructions for ALEPH (1991)

·         Jerry’s (audio) interview of Judy Levi and Randy Menakes

·         Transcript of Jerry’s interview of Barbara Rad-El (covering 1991-2005)

·         Ex Libris photos from early 1990’s (courtesy of Barbara)

·         Four 1992 issues of EX LIBRIS Reports: A Newsletter for the International Association of ALEPH Users (courtesy of Yoel K)….

o   Jan 1992,  Vol. II, No. 1

o   Apr 1992, Vol. II, No. 2  

o   Jul  1992, Vol. II, No. 3  

o   Oct 1992, Vol. II, No. 4  

   I would note especially Azriel’s “Developing a System” article on pp. 3-5 of the July 1992 issue (199207) and, pp. 3-4 of the Oct 1992 issue (199210). The first is a simple but eloquent statement of what Ex Libris is about (and I believe presages Ex Libris’ success in the library-automation/information marketplace); the second discusses the important role of customers in the creation of the Aleph programs.

·         1996 Ex Libris business plan, courtesy of Ron Biran

·         Aleph 500 / SFX at Ghent (1997- )  Photos from Ghent (-- including Ex Libris staff).

·         1997 Library Technology Reports issue on Ex Libris Limited 

·         Notre Dame chooses Ex Libris (1997-8) (with photos)

·         Jerry’s North American Kickoff presentation (Ex Libris Comes to the U.S  -1998) (with photos)

·         List of ICAU conference sites and dates , with nice photos for 1999-2005

·         A year 2000 EL staff photo  (courtesy of Omri)  -- with a numbered key to identify each person:   


·         Ori Miller’s “museum”  (photo of physical artifacts -- Use the magnifying glass!) 

·         SFX

o   SFX timeline    

o   SFX photos (courtesy of Albert Oller and Lieve Rottiers)

o   Screenshots of how SFX looked in 1999 (zip file of 10 screens)

o   Albert Oller’s SFX questionnaire response

o   Customer SFX questionnaire responses

·         ITALE Newsletter, Sept 2003  (courtesy of Yoel K.)

·         Four at the Kos System Seminar (2005) (photo)

·         librarytechnology.org list of Aleph and SFX libraries

·         Ex Libris staff responses

o   Aharon Rivlin   (notes on early ALEPH history)

o   Andrea Hell      (early years in Germany)

o   Barbara Rad-El  (“Thirty years of Ex Libris – Personal recollections” – blog, with comments)  

o   Daniele Nottegar (early years in Italy)

o   Jo Richardson      (questionnaire response; great details on early years in U.K.)

o   Katherine Heavey (questionnaire response)

o   Laura Pierson       (questionnaire response)

o   Michael Kaplan  (questionnaire response)

o   Natan Lev        (on early ALEPH Version numbers and history)

o   Oren Beit-Arie  (questionnaire response)

o   Tami Ezra         (questionnaire response)

o   Tania Gutman   (questionnaire response)

·         Ex Libris customer responses

o   Anne Beavan   (University of Aberdeen)  (questionnaire response)

o   Bettina Kaldenberg  (Germany/Israel/ALEPH in the early 1980’s)

o   Bill Slauenwhite  (NOVANET) (questionnaire response)

o   Debbie Becker  (Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town)  (questionnaire response)

o   Donna Hirst  (University of Iowa) (questionnaire response)

o   Fang Peng     (Stony Brook University)    (questionnaire response)

o   Jan Jourdain  (Five Colleges) (questionnaire response)

o   Jirka Kende    (Freie Universität Berlin)  (questionnaire response)

o   Katherine Ward  (Notre Dame, 1998- ) (questionnaire response)  

o   Maureen Zajkowski   (ALEPH at SUNY 1999- ) (questionnaire response)   Photos

o   Naomi Steinberger  (ALEPH at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1990)

o   Naomi Steinberger  (JTS) (questionnaire response)

o   Patrick Hochstenbach  (Aleph 500/SFX at Ghent 1997- ; Photos

o   Ron Johnston      (McGill University)    (questionnaire response)

o   Theo Engelman (Aleph 500/SFX at Utrecht 1999- )

o   Yosef Branse  (University of Haifa, 1991- )  (questionnaire response)